Christmas in London

Romance, Festive


Asad Panjwani


Asad Panjwani




Rose Lami
as Zippy

Callum McGregor
as Cleo

Krzysztof Broniecki
as Train Station Staff

Rakesh Jaitly
as Train Announcement
Duration: 00:10:17
Budget: £200
Release: 24.12.2020
Format: Short


Executive Producers:
  Asad Panjwani
  Rakesh Jaitly

 Natalie Chan

Associate Producers:
  Olesia Nikolaiets
  Rozeta Lami

Assistant Director:
 Rakesh Jaitly

Script Supervisor:
 Krzysztof Broniecki

 Valentina Catenacci

 Natalie Chan

Lighting Designer:
 Carla Fuschillo

Sound Mixer / Boom Operator:
  Ciaran Cochlan

Makeup Artist:
 Olesia Nikolaiets

  Asad Panjwani

Post-house Sound:
 Red Rums Production

Dialogue Editor:
 Rakesh Jaitly

Sound Designers:
 Harry Worsley
 Asad Panjwani

Music Supervisor:
 Asad Panjwani


“Sincere, affecting and heart-warming, Christmas in London is a well-crafted and important short film that extends beyond the trappings of being an exclusively festive feature. As a short romance it is touching, and as a fable about homelessness and empathy it is important and powerful. Director Asad Panjwani brings an authenticity to his work that serves both purposes brilliantly – from Zippy’s experience with a useless train conductor to her awkwardness when asked for change from a man prior to her meeting with Cleo, the little moments colour the film and give it both a humour and bite.

Rose Lami and Callum McGregor both deliver strong performances and have genuine and believable chemistry. Zippy’s continuous misfortune is both sympathetic and darkly comic. But when Cleo’s story is told, the film moves into a much more emotional gear. McGregor brings a resilience and strength to Cleo in the face of great tragedy, and Zippy’s initial apprehension giving way to attraction feels natural and earned.

The film’s main strength is a strong portrayal of how small acts of kindness can lead to greater outcomes, and its empathetic and educated understanding around the challenges faced by those living on the streets. Cleo’s misfortune has transferred into an unending cycle designed to keep him trapped in a life that is slowly chipping away at him. He is desperate to escape and restart his life, but the world’s perception of him prevents any progress being made. It is a small selfless act on his behalf that gives Zippy the ability to see him as a human being, and her status may be what gives him a pathway back to his old life. It is this message of empathy that is at the heart of the film, and it is this what gives it its drive.

Whilst Christmas may have gone by, the message of Christmas in London is one for the year round. Asad Panjwani’s short is highly recommended whatever the season.”
by Patrick Foley

FUN FACT ABOUT Christmas in London

The train station scene was a nightmare for the filmmakers as not only were they battling the public sneaking into the shots and the noisy trains overpowering the dialogue, they also had to catch numerous trains back and fourth to get all the shots needed to complete the scene.

The film is now on the Railway Move Database for Featuring 2 of their Class 700 Dual Voltage trains.